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it mean 3d stans for dimensional shape

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Q: What does 3D shape mean?
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Related questions

What is cellender?

there is no such word as 'CELLENDER' but if you mean cylinder then it is a circular 3D shape oblonged. there is no such word as 'CELLENDER' but if you mean cylinder then it is a circular 3D shape oblonged.

What a 3d shape is a parallelogram?

It is not a 3D shape.

What is a net shape in a 3d shape?

It depends on the 3d shape.

Is a pyramid a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

a pyramid is a 3D shape :)

What 3D shape is a tire?

what 3d shape is a tyre

Is a square an 3d shape?

is a square a 3d shape

Is a camera 3d shape?

A camera is a 3D shape. A photograph is a 2D projection of a 3D shape onto a 2D shape.

Is a piece of paper a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

Paper is a 3D object.

Is a diamond a 2D shape or a 3D shape?


Is a Heptagon a 3D shape?

A heptagon is not a 3D shape. It is a seven sided shape. It could be designed on 3D software if necessary.

What is the shape called in 3d?

A shape in 3D is a polygon. Poly=many and gon=shape.

What is the most sides a 3D shape can have?

A 3d shape can have infinite sides

This 3d shape has a corner on a shape?

Many 3d shapes have a corner.

What are 3d nets?

Its a 3d net that can be transformed into a 3d shape

What shape is a cuboid?

3D shape

What is cuboids shape?

3D shape

What does decohedron mean?

It is a 3D shape made up of 10 regular faces.

What is a 12 sided 3D shape?

A 12 sided 3D shape is a dodecahedron.

Is a cylinder a 3d shape?

A cylinder is a 3d shape because you can see the in side of it.

What is a 4 faced 3D shape?

tetrahedron is a 4 faced 3d shape.

What is the 3D name for a nonagon?

A nonagon is a 2D shape and there is not a 3D equivalent shape.

What is a 3D 30 sided shape?

A tridekahedron is a 3D 30 sided shape.

What shape is a 3d sphere?

Every sphere is 3D. It's said to be "spherical" in shape.

What is a 11 sided 3D shape called?

An 11-sided 3D shape is a hendecahedron.

Name a 3d shape with top and bottom?

A cube is a 3D shape with a top and bottom.