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Three times more is NOT defined as "triple". Rather it is "triple more".

Three times MORE than 4 is NOT 12. Three times AS MUCH as 4 is 12. Three times MORE than 4 is 12 more than 4, which is 16.

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Q: What does 3 times more mean?
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What does sneezing 3 times mean?

Just means you normally sneeze more than once

What is the definition of thrice?

3 times. Just like "twice" would mean two times, "thrice" can mean 3 times.

Is 512k memory or 3MB memory better?

u mean ram?? 3 mb 2 times 512 is 1 mb so 3 mb is 5 times more.......

In your knitting pattern it says EOR 3 more times- what does it mean?

It stands for "Every Other Row". In this case, it means "Repeat every other row three more times".


what does it mean when a person pasases you the stomp 3 times

How do you get 3 title in mw2?

if you mean the 3 times charm title then go in prestige 3 times

What does 3 times a day mean?

Repeat a process 3 times per day.

What does ''3 times as much''mean?

add the number to it's self 3 times

Why 5 TIMES 4 is the same as 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3?

I think you mean 3 times 4...?

How many times does 8 go into 54?

6 whole times, and 3/4 of one more time

What does tripled mean in math?

X 3(times 3)

What does it mean when you sneeze three times?

congrats. you sneezed 3 times.

3 gallons is how many times more than 4 cups?

12 times more

What does gravida 3 para 3 mean?

means pregnant three times, gave birth three times

3-3x6 plus 2?

If you mean: 3-(3 times 6)+3 then the answer is -12

How many times is 1122 going to 3?

If you mean: 1122 divided by 3 then it is 374

How many times should an experiment be repeated?

3 times or more

How would you compare the numbers 274 and 90?

would say that 274 is a little more than 3 times 90.would say that 274 is a little more than 3 times 90.would say that 274 is a little more than 3 times 90.would say that 274 is a little more than 3 times 90.

What is the answer 8x3x 10?

If you mean: 8 times 3 times 10 then it is 240

What times something that becomes 9?

I assume that you mean integers: 3 times 3 equals 9, as does 9 times 1. Also -3 times -3 and -9 times -1.

What does how many times more than mean?

What this mean is that you have to find the diffrence

What is the answer to 3 times more than a number?

3 times more than a number, since n is unknown. In other words, 3n

What does 3 times x followed by c mean?

It means that you multiply 3 times x times c. It is also possible that the "x" is a multiplication sign, in which case you only multiply 3 times c.

Is your hand 3 times the length of your thumb?

If you mean the palm of my hand, yup! It is exactly 3 times the length of my thumb. (:

What does it mean if someone likes to talk to you when your alone?

Well if its more than 3 times then she likes you but if it have only happened once or twice then its a private conversation