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428/640 = 107/160

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Q: What does 428 640 equal to in fraction 1 4?
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Related questions

What is 428 as a fraction?

428 = 428/1 or 856/2 etc

How do you write 640 as a fraction?


What is fraction of 640 is 160?

160 x 4 = 640, therefore 160 is 1/4 of 640.

How do you write 428 as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form?

428 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 428/1. That is the simplest form. There is no sensible way of writing it as a mixed number.

How many square miles equal 640 acres?

Answer: 640 acres = 1 mi²

What fraction of a square mile is in an acre?


When the numerator of a fraction is equal to its denominator the fraction is equal to?

It is equal to 1.

What fraction of a kilogram is 640 g?

640 g is 16/25 (sixteen-twenty fifths) of 1 kg.

What 3 numbers added together equal 640?


What is 12 square miles in acres?

1 square mile is equal to 640 acres. Therefore, 12 square miles is equal to 640 x 12 = 7680 acres.

How many miles are equal to 640 kilometers?

There are 397.677563 miles in 640 kilometers. 640 kilometers x 1 mile/1.609344 kilometers = 397.677563 miles 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers

When a fraction has the same numerator and denomenator what does the fraction equal?

It is equal to 1

What fraction does 0.01 equal?

0.01 is equal to 1/100 in fraction

How many bits are there in a 640 KB?

640 Kilobyte is equal to 5243000 bits (1 KB = 8192 bits)

How many arces in 1.56 square miles?

1 square mile is equal to 640 acres. Therefore, 1.56 square miles is equal to 1.56 x 640 = 998.4 acres.

What is the fraction equal to 1?

if the fraction is 1/1 its one whole

1 square mile equal to how many acres?

640 acres

What two factors equal 640?

These equal 640: 1 x 640, 2 x 320, 4 x 160, 5 x 128, 8 x 80, 10 x 64, 16 x 40, 20 x 32

What fraction is equal to 100 percent?

what are the attributes of fractions that are equivalent to 100%

How can you tell if a fraction is equivalent to 1?

A fraction is equal to one if its denominator and numerator are equal.

How can you tell a fraction is equal to one?

When its numerator is the same as its denominator then the fraction is equal to 1 as for example 5/5 = 1

What does one trapezoid equal in a fraction?

One trapezoid is 1 and, as a fraction, that is 1/1

How can we tell if a fraction is greater than less than or equal to 1 whole?

if the value above the line of the fraction is greater than or equal to the value below the lin, then the fraction is equal to or greater than 1 whole.

Is the fraction 11 out of 36 equal to the fraction 1 out of 3?


What is a fraction where the numerator is equal to 1?

This is referred to as a "unit fraction".