What does 81 mean?

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In verses 1-4, Paul is explaining how the ransom sacrifice of Jesus released humanity from the Law of Moses, and instead gave us the ability to serve God through the law of the Spirit. Jesus did what imperfect humans were unable to do, which is to perfectly fulfill the Law given to Moses. Imperfect humans were unable to fulfill the law because they would sin, or give into the desires and weaknesses of the flesh. Since God sent his Son into a human's body, that has the same limits of the flesh, and Jesus was able to remain perfectly loyal to God, Jesus thus fulfilled the requirements of the law. Jesus proved that a fleshly human with free will, could indeed stay completely loyal to God and thus redeemed us all.

In verses 5-8, Paul is stating instructions to set our minds on the things of God's holy spirit and not on our own fleshly desires. He says that those who set their minds, or their thoughts, on the desires of our flesh, we will end up sinning and that leads to enmity with God. But if we set our minds on the spirit, we will live in accordance with the spirit, which will lead to life and peace.

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Q: What does 81 mean?
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