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It will depend on the relative sizes of the shapes and how they are assembled together.

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Q: What does a net look like with 2 equilateral triangles and three rectangles?
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What does equilateral triangles look like?

Equilateral triangles all have the same sides.An equilateral triangle has three sides that are all equal.

What does a equilateral triangles look like?

All three sides/angle are the same length/degrees.

What does an acute equilateral triangle look like?

Aren't all equilateral triangles acute??

What do equilateral triangles look like?

They have equal sides and angles

What are the three main types of triangles?

scalene,isosceles and equilateral issocles,scalene,equalatral i like people like you that have good questions like that one.

How do you make a heptagon using 6 equilateral triangles?

Join the 6 triangles like pizza slices

Why are scalene triangles and equilateral triangles a like?

they both have 3 sides, 3 angles, and 3 vertexes

How many triangles have the side lengths 7in 7in 7in?

As many as you like but they will all be equilateral triangles

Do circles squares rectangles and triangles have bases?

Circles don't, but the others do, if you think of squares and rectangles as parallelograms.

What does a triangle look like?

There is alot of triangles. Triangles are three sided two slanted lines connected with a straight line on the bottom. The types of triangles are is the Isosceles, Acute, Right (angle), Left (angle), Equilateral, Obtuse, and Scalene triangles.A triangle has equilateral sides all around that are the same length and same angles.

How can you create two equilateral triangles using four matchsticks?

Cross two match sticks to bisect like X and place the other two match sticks at the base of the two equilateral triangles formed .

Does a triangular prism have rectangular and triangular faces?

The answer is both. A rectangular prism will have two triangular bases, with three rectangles forming the sides that connect the sides of the triangles together. Like this: . . . . . . / \ \ / \ \ / . . \ . . . .\

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