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what does a pentogon look like

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Q: What does a pentogon look like?
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Where is the pentogon?

Arlington, Virginia

What shape is a binder?


How high are the pillars on the pentogon?

what is this i dont no

What is a pentagon base?

The base of a pentogon.

Where is the pentogon located?

Washington DC

What is the perimeter of a pentogon?

The sum of its 5 sides

How many angles has a pentogon got?

5 to be exact

What is the name of a polygon with 5 vertices?


What shape has 5 angles?


How many lines of symetry does a pentogon have?

5 lines

Pentogon how many sides?

A pentagon has 5 sides

How many vertices does a pentogon have?

I think 5 but if its a solid figure like pentagonal prism it got 10 and if pyramid six

How many sides is there to a pentogon?

A pentagon has 5 sides

Does a pentogon have six sides?

No, it has 5 sides and a hexagon has 6 sides.

How do you draw a pentogon?

Draw polygonal figure with 5 equal sides.

Does a pentogon has 8 sides?

No!A pentagon has 5 sides and, An Octogon has 8 sides.

What hit the Pentogon in 2001?

A passenger plane - despite what the conspiracy theories say.

Why does a pentogon have 5 sides?

a pentagon is simply the name of a polygon with 5 sides

Does black ops have terrorist zombies?

no there Nazis again and in the five there people that work in the pentogon

What is the difference between a octagon and pentagon?

an octogan has 8 sides an pentogon has 5 sides

Is a polygon a pentogon?

No, but a pentagon is a polygon. A polygon is a plane shape with 3 or more straight sides.

Are a pentogon's sides all equal?

Usually no. They can be, but they don't need to be. If they are, then it's called a 'regular' pentagon.

What is the name of a 10 sided pentogon?

A pentagon has 5 sides but a 10 sided polygon is a decagon

What is a 5 sided pentogon called?

A pentagon literally means "5-sided object." Why is this a legal question?

Does a pentogon have parallel and perpendicular diagonals?

It can if it's irregular. But if it is a regular pentagon (all sides and angles equal) then no, neither.