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There cannot be a "medium triangle with 5 sides". A triangle can have 3 sides and only 3 sides. Any other number of sides and it is not a triangle.

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Q: What does a shape look like with 2 large triangles and 1 medium triangle with 5 sides?
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How do you make a 5 sided shape with a line of symmetry just using 2 large triangles and 1 medium triangle?

the star of david

How do you use a medium triangle and 2 small triangle to make a shape that has 2 lines of symmetry?

Simply assemble the triangles in to a rectangle.

Are all similar triangles congruent triangles?

no simiar triangle are the same shape but not the same siz and conguant triangles are same shape and size

What shape does 2 large triangles plus 2 small triangles make?

The answer depends on the shapes and sizes of the triangles. I can make a big triangle, a quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, etc up to 12 sides.

What are similar triangles?

Triangles that are the same shape but not the same size. In order to be a similar triangle, their numbers have to form proportions with the numbers of the similar triangle.

What shape can you make using 1 medium triangle and 2 small triangles?

a BIG HUGE triangle i am in the 2ndgrade and i am 8 i am in glenarnden woods elem. in pgcps

Do all triangles have a right angle?

No because a triangle has three sides and triangle's are shape different.

What shape is the base of a tetrahedron?

Triangle In a tetrahedron, all sides are triangles

What shape has 4 faces that are all triangles?

A triangle based pyramid.

Is a triangle a symmetric shape yes or no?

Some triangles are symmetric, while others are not. All equilateral and isosceles triangles are symmetric.all triangles are symmetric.

What shape does a net with 4 equilateral triangles make?

a larger equilateral triangle

Objects that have a triangle shape?

Triangles, pyramids, and prisms can all have triangular shapes.

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