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Q: What does a square and a square make?
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Related questions

How many 1 square centimeters make 1 square meter?

10000 square centimeters make up a single square meter.

How do you make square in c language?

What sort of square do you want to make. Tri square "T" square Round square

How do you make a square shape with a keyboard?


Make a sentence with square in it?

The dude was a square.

What solid figure can you make with a square and 4 congruent triangles?

You can make square pyramid.

How many degrees do you have turn a square to make it a rhombus?

Turning a square does not make it into a rhombus.

How do you make a number the square?

you make a square number by multiplying a number times itself.

How many square meters make a square yard?

There are about .836 square meters in a square yard.

Move only one stipe and make square plus?

you can make a "T-Square" a plus

What is a square called if you make it in a circle?

a square in a circle

How do you draw a house?

Ok Make a square and then put a big triangle at the top of the square and in the middle at the bottom of hte square make a rectangle like this

How many square yard make 12 square feet?

12 (square feet) = 1.33333333 square yards

How much square yard make 360 square feet?

40 square yards = 360 square feet.

How many square decimeters make1 square meter?

100 square decimeters make 1 square meter.

Can two rectangles make a square?

if length of a rectangle is double of its width then such two reactangles make a square....

How many ways can you make a square with the tangram?

you can make a square with a tan gram eight times or more.

What 3 dimenional shape can you make using 4 triangles and 1 square?

you can make a square based pyramid using 4 triangles and a 1 square

Who made a square nickel?

The US does not make square nickels.

How many square inches make a square meter?


How many square centimetre make a square kilometre?


What two shapes make a square pyramid?

A square and and a triangle

How do you make 4 triangles with 6 toothpicks?

using four of them you make a square then using the remaining two make a criss cross in the middle of the square.

Why is a square a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square?

a rectangle doesn't have four equal sided measurements, which is the definition of a square. also it can take one or more squares to make a rectangle but u can't make a rectangle into a square.

How many square meters make one square centimeter?

There are 0.0001 square meters in a square centimeter, since a square meter is made up of 10,000 square centimeters.

How do you make a parallelogram that is not a square from 4 identical isosceles right triangles?

Two isosceles right triangles, if joined hypotenuse-to-hypotenuse will make a square. Two squares, sided by side, make a rectangle which is a parallelogram, and not a square.