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a square in a circle

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Q: What is a square called if you make it in a circle?
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Can you make a shape and make a house with it?

of course you can, with a square you can and a circle

Small square and circle in a selected graphic are called what?

they are called handles

What is a circle in a square called?

An inscribed circle has its circumference tangent to each side of the square or other type of polygon surrounding it.

What is the space inside of a circle called?

What is it called to circle around a point in space

Is the area of a circle called circumference?

No. The circumference of a circle is the length around the circle, much like the perimeter of a square.

Cheats for thrillville off the rails?

$50,000 - square, circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, X earn 500 thrill points - circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, square all minigames (Party Play) - square, circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, right all missions unlocked - square, circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, circle all parks - square, circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, square all rides - square, circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, triangle

Can god make a square a circle?

If she/he wants to. Why would he/she want to?

How do you get the square foot of a circle?

You want the area of a circle, which is pi*r2 Just make sure your radius (r) is in feet and you answer will be square feet.

What are the 3 basic shapes and why are they called so?

They are a square, a triangle and a circle...

What is it called when you construct a square exactly equal in area to a circle?


How do you make square in scooby strings?

they r so easywanna learni know how to make :-squarecircletwistertrianglecobradouble circle anddouble square

What is called the length of the sides of a square and a circle?

Do you mean perimeter?The sum of the lengths of the four sides of a square is the perimeterThe total length of the circumference of a circle is its perimeter

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