What does a square disc do?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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This actually isn't such a weird question, but you're probably too young to remember. In the 1970s and early 1980s, we didn't have CDs or DVDs, just records. They used to put records on the back of cereal boxes, and they used to put records in magazines. The records in magazines were called Soundsheets. When you got one, it was this thin piece of black plastic with record grooves on one side. You tore it out of the magazine and played it. The records on cereal boxes were stuck onto the back of the box; to play one you cut it out of the back of the box, punched a hole in the middle and put it on your turntable. Both of these discs were square. So the answer to "what does a square disc do?" is "the same thing as a round one."

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Q: What does a square disc do?
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Is a flying saucer a circle a disc or a square?

Disc most closely describes

The distance from the center of the compact disc to the edge of the disc is 6 centimeters what is the area of the compact disc?

Area is calculated using the value of pi times the square of the radius. Therefore, the area of a standard compact disc is 113.0976 square centimeters.

The distance from the center of a compact disc to the edge of the disc is 6 centimeters. What is the area of the compact disc?

Area of disc: pi*6^2 = 36*pi square cm

What is the formula for the area of a disc?

The area of a disc of radius R units is pi*r^2 square units.

What is surface area of disc?

Surface area in square units = pi*radius2

What is the surface area of circular disk?

If r is the radius of the disc, then pi*r2 square units.

What is a floppy hard disk?

Its an old square disc. You must be around 14 years young!

A cardboard envelope for a compact disc is a square with an area of 171.61 square centimeters what are the demensions of the envelope?

its a 4 by atleast 50 by atleast 4 centimeters

How roller ball bearing balls manufactured?

square balls are put between conncentric grooved discs. then any of the disc is rotated and square balls become sphere under application of some load.

What is a smart media disc?

This is a square disk that has 2MB to about 128MB of space on it.It is used with digital cameras,handheld computers,and photo printers.

Why does your CD changer read no disc?

A compact disc player could read no disc because there is no disc in the player. It could also read no disc because the disc in not compatible or readable.

What is a Bryan disc?

The Bryan disc is a flexible disc or ring of titanium and Teflon that is used to replace the intervertebral disc in patients with degenerative disc disease.