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With distance on the x axis and time on the y axis a steep line would indicate a short distance traveled over a long period of time, depending on the scale of the graph.

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Q: What does a steep line on a distance time graph mean?
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What does it mean when there is a steep line on a line graph when x axis is time and y axis is distance?

It means you are going very fast

What does a steep diagonal line mean on a distance time graph?

It means that the object is moving at a high speed in a direction towards or away from the reference point.

What does it mean when there is a curved line going upwards on a graph?

When there is a curved line going upwards on a graph it means the distance is increasing

What does a straight line mean in a distance time graph?

Constant speed. Zero acceleration.

On a distance versus time graph what does a flat line mean?

Standing still or not moving

What does it mean when a distance-time graph is straight line?

It means that the object in question is moving at a constant speed.If the graph is a straight horizontal line, then the speed is zero.

What does a stright diagonal line on a distance time graph mean?

It means that the speed of the object is constant.

In a distance vs time graph if the line is perfectly horizontal what does that mean about the velocity of the object?


What is data point on graph mean?

line graph

What does grid-line mean?

A line that is on a graph

Why is it not possible for any part of the distance-time graph of a body to be a straight-line segment parallel to the distance axis?

BecAuse that would mean it is going an infinite speed. The slope of a distance time graph is the objects velocity or speed. If there is a line parallel to the distance axis, there is a vertical line. The slope of a vertical line is infinite. It is not possible to go an infinite speed.

Does slope mean distance on a graph?

No. It means the distance the graph line rises or drops when you move one unit to the righton the horizontal axis.If you're riding along the graph line from left to right in a little tiny car the size of a pinhead,the slope is the description of riding up-hill and down-hill on the line, and how steeply.

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