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When there is a curved line going upwards on a graph it means the distance is increasing

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Q: What does it mean when there is a curved line going upwards on a graph?
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What is a curved line graph called?

nonlinear line

A position vs time graph for an object moving away from the reference point at a constant speed?

from the point at rest the line will be curved and going diagonally upwards visual:

What is a curve in math?

it is a line on a graph that is curved

What does a curved line represent on a time vs distance graph?

The curved line on a time vs. distance graph represents that the object is accelerating.

What would a graph of velocity vs time look like if an object was slowing down?

When an object's speed increases the graph is a staight line going upwards but when an objects's speed decreases then the graph is a straight line going downwards.

Can you use a curved line in a finite graph?


What is the name of a curved line on a graph?

price or equilibrium A curve

What does it look like when y varies directly as x?

In terms of a graph, a straight line, going through the origin and upwards to the right.

What is the name of a curved ine graph?

The name of a curved line gragh is a pie chart or a circle gragh.

What kind of line on a distance-versus-time graph indicates that the objects is accelerating?

Any curved line on a distance/time graph indicates the presence of accelerationthat's causing a change in the magnituide of the velocity. But if the object's speedis constant, and the acceleration is changing its direction only, then the line on theD-T graph would remain straight.In summary:Every curved line on a D-T graph reveals acceleration, but not every accelerationproduces a curved line on a D-T graph.

What is the difference between a line graph and broken line graph?

a broken line graph has numbres going everywhere and a line graph has numbers going on a steady rate (e.g 50,10,90 for a broken line graph) (eg 2,4,6 for a line graph) hope i helped :D

What is the definition of the term 'curved'?

"Curved" refers to something that deviates from a straight line. It may refer to a bend in the road, a line on a graph, or the trajectory of a baseball.

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