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No. It means the distance the graph line rises or drops when you move one unit to the right
on the horizontal axis.

If you're riding along the graph line from left to right in a little tiny car the size of a pinhead,
the slope is the description of riding up-hill and down-hill on the line, and how steeply.

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Q: Does slope mean distance on a graph?
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What does the slope of a distance vs time squared graph represent?

That's unusual. I guess your teacher is trying to make you think a bit. It's a good mental exercise, though. You may recall that the units of acceleration are meters per second squared. That gives you a clue right there. And if you knew Calculus, you'd know that acceleration is the second derivative of distance, s, with respect to time, t: d2s/dt2. So, by now you're probably getting the feeling that the slope of a distance-time squared graph has something to do with acceleration. And you'd be right. Just as the slope of a velocity-time graph is acceleration, the slope of a distance-t2 graph is acceleration. Well, not quite. It's actually ONE HALF the acceleration.

What does slope mean in algebra?

Slope in algebra refers to the rate of change of a function at a given point. This can be used in physics, where on a graph that shows the change in velocity, the value of the slope is equal to the acceleration at that moment in time.

What is the slope of the equation y equals 12x-23?


Can a rate change and the slope of the line be different quantities?

The instantaneous rate change of the variable y with respect to x must be the slope of the line at the point represented by that instant. However, the rate of change of x, with respect to y will be different [it will be the x/y slope, not the y/x slope]. It will be the reciprocal of the slope of the line. Also, if you have a time-distance graph the slope is the rate of chage of distance, ie speed. But, there is also the rate of change of speed - the acceleration - which is not DIRECTLY related to the slope. It is the rate at which the slope changes! So the answer, in normal circumstances, is no: they are the same. But you can define situations where they can be different.

What does slope mean in math terms?

Slope refers to the gradient of a graph, for linear graphs (straight-line) this is equal to the change in y divided by the change in x - often referred to as the 'rise over the run'.

Related questions

What does the slope of the distance time graph represent?

The slope of a distance-time graph represents speed.

The slope of a line on a distance-time graph is what?

The slope of this graph gives the speed.

Is acceleration the slope of a line on a distance time graph?

No. The slope of the distance-time graph is the change in distance per unit of time - otherwise known as speed. Acceleration is the slope of the speed time graph.

The slope of a line on a distance time graph is?


What does the slope of a time vs distance graph equal?

Slope of time Vs distance graph gives the inverse of velocity.

What does the slope of a distance time graph tell you?

The slope of a distance versus time graph tells you the rate of change of distance with time. That is, it tells you the velocity.

What does a gradual slope mean on a distance v time graph?

It means a slow speed.

What motion does a steep slope on a distance time graph show?

Steep slope on a distance/time graph indicates high speed.

What does the slope of a position vs time graph represent?

If by position, you mean distance, then the slope or gradient of the line of distance vs. time represents speed.

What is the slope in the distance time graph when the body is at rest?

the slope of distance time graph gives us velocity but when the body is at rest it will be zero

What info does the slope of a lone indicate on a distance verses time graph?

On a distance/time graph, the slope of the line is the speed. (Magnitude of velocity.)

How does the slope of a distance vs time graph change when there is acceleration?

The slope increases.

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