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180 degrees

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Q: What does a triangle must have?
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If an orthocenter lies inside of a triangle then the triangle must be?

It must be acute angled.

What triangle has 8 sides?

There is no such triangle. A triangle must have exactly 3 sides.

Is an arch a triangle?

A triangle must have straight lines.

What triangle must have a pair of perpendicular sides?

A right triangle.

Can A equilateral triangle can be a cute?

No, but an equilateral triangle must be acute.

Can an obtuse triangle be an acute triangle?

No, they must be either one or the other.

Where must the circles center be placed in an inscribed triangle?

In the middle of the triangle

If two sides of a triangle are congruent then the triangle must have two congruent angles?

Yes such as an isosceles triangle

What must true statement about a 30 angle and 60 angle triangle?

That it must be a right angle triangle because the 3rd angle must be 90 degrees

If the sum of the measures of two angles of a triangle is equal to the measure of the third angle the triangle must be?

...a right triangle.

How do you find the area of a triangle with one-half bh?

it must be a right triangle.

What type of triangle must you have in order to use the Pythagorean Theorem?

A right triangle.

Can a triangle be coplanar?

In Euclidean plane geometry every triangle MUST BE coplanar.

How do you calculate height of triangle if base is 2 and hypotenuse is 3?

Since the triangle has a hypotenuse, it must be a right triangle. Therefore, the Pythagorean theorem applies, and the height of the triangle must be sq rt (32 - 22).

Is it possible to sketch a triangle in which exactly one of the altitudes is outside the triangle?

no; a triangle must have an obtuse angle if one of its altitudes is outside of the triangle, and in this case 2 of the altitudes are out of the triangle.

Is a triangle obtuse and scalene?

It is impossible to have an obtuse AND scalene triangle, because in order for it to be obtuse, it must have one obtuse angle but, in order for a triangle to be scalene it must have two equivalent sides. So, in the end if you have an obtuse and scalene triangle, it is not longer a triangle.

A scalene triangle must be isosceles?


If a triangle has one acute angle is the triangle necessarily acute?

No, an acute triangle must have all 3 angles under 90 degrees. A triangle can have an acute angle and still be a right triangle or an obtuse triangle.

How many angels can a triangle have?

I do not know about angels but a triangle must have exactly three angles.

How many sides of a triangle must be congruent to be considered an isosceles triangle?

2 sides

In order to inscribe a circle in a triangle the circles center must be placed at the circumcenter of the triangle?


In order to inscribe a circle in a triangle the circle must be placed at the in center of a triangle?

That is correct

What type of triangle has its orthocenter outside of the triangle?

The orthocenter of a triangle is found at the intersection of the three altitudes of the triangle. Obtuse triangles contain altitudes which are found outside of the triangle, meaning their orthocenter must be outside of the triangle as well.

What is a triangle that has two equal anges?

Since a triangle with two equal angles must have two equal sides, it is an isosceles triangle.

If two angels in a triangle are complentary what is the triangle?

The third angle must be 90 degrees so it's a right-angled triangle