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any number at all

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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is a number and/or variable combined with math operations used to represent a number.

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Q: What does a variable represent in math?
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Related questions

What does m mean in math?

It is a letter which may be used to represent a variable. You can decide what it stands for.

What is the letter in a term in math called?

In a mathematial equation the letters wither represent a variable or a constant.

Why you call xyz are variable but abc are alphabet in math?

There is no good reason - it is purely customary. You may use any symbol to represent a variable - including characters from other alphabets. For example, in geometry and trigonometry, Greek letters are often used to represent variable angles.

What does the word variable in math terms mean?

A symbol, usually a letter, that is used to represent 1 or more numbers

What do you called the sets of letters in math subject?

If the letters represent unknowns they are usually called variable.

What does K represent in Math?

K can be a variable, it is commonly a variable in the quadratic equation y=a(x-h)2+k K is the y-intercept.

How do you describe an independent variable?

Well, we in the math world represent the independent variable as x. It does not depend on anything. For example, one chocolate bar costs 2.50$. The independent variable is the number of chocolate bars ( the other variable does not decide how many chocolate bars are being bought), and the dependent variable is the cost (depends on the number of chocolate bars). Have a nice day and i hope you ace your math tests!

What is a variable in math?

What is a Variable in Math?A variable in math is part of algebra and it is a symbol or letter that represents a number.

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

What is the math term VEST?

variable equation solve it test it

What is done to a variable represent an unknown quanity?

A variable is assigned to represent an unknown quantity.

Variable alone math?

A variable alone in math, as in 3y2 x n3 = 3y2n3 means to manipulate the lone variable by the factors afecting it.

What does varbile mean in math term?

If you mean a variable then it is an unknown quantity that can represent many values until its specific value is determined usually by solving an equation.

What do you use in algebra to represent a variable?

Any letter in the alphabet can be used to represent a variable in algebra.

How do you represent a constant and variable?

Variable: A letter or symbol used to represent a number or quantities that vary

What is done to a variable represent an unknown quantity?

A variable is usually assumed to represent an unknown quantity. You don't need to "do" anything special to your variable.

What is done to variable to represent an unknown quantity?

A variable is usually assumed to represent an unknown quantity. You don't need to "do" anything special to your variable.

How do you solve word problems using variables?

Use a variable to represent the unknown. 'Translate' the words to math symbols and write an equation to solve. Solve the equation. Check.

A symbol used to represent a number?

I think it's. A variable

What does the variable n represent?

It can represent anything. When stating a specific problem, you should clarify what each variable represents.

Independent variable and dependent variable?

Math: Independent variable is what you change. Dependent variable is what you measure.

Choosing a variable and a quantity for the variable to represent in an equation?


What is math equation to represent?

a math equation

What is a consonant in math?

a number before a variable

What is the math definition of variable?

A variable is an unknown number represented by a letter