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It is 1/2 a turn

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Q: What does degree of rotation mean?
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What is the formula for a 90 degree rotation?

A 90 degree rotation is a quarter of a turn.

Have rectangle got rotation?

If you mean "Does it have a rotational symmetry", the answer is "Yes." there is a 180 degree rotational symmetry.

What is the leghtn of rotation?

360 degree's is one full rotation

What does the degree symbol mean?

The degree symbol (°) is used to represent units of measurement for angles or temperature. It is commonly used to specify temperatures in weather forecasts or to indicate angles in geometry and navigation.

In mathematics terms what is the definition of degree?

A degree is a measure of rotation, with 360 degrees representing a complete rotation returning to the starting point.

What is the degree of rotation of a star?

the degree of a rotaiton of a star is 37 degrees

What is the degree for a half of rotation?

180 degrees

What is a 360 degree angle?

A Full rotation

What is the value of a 1971 Kennedy half dollar with a 180 degree rotation?

A 180 degree rotation between front and back is normal for US coins.

How much is a 1575 degree rotation?

Answer: 130 degrees. 360x4=1440 degrees. So each time we have 360 degree rotation, we end up where we started. The rotation will be 1575-1440=130 degrees.

What is a 90 degree counterclockwise angle equivalent to?

Rotation preserves shape - therefore the angle before the rotation equals the angle after the rotation.

What is the rule for 270 degree counter clockwise rotation?

The effect of the rotation is the same as that of a 90 degree clockwise rotation. In matrix notation, it is equivalent to [post-]multiplication by the 2x2 matrix: { 0 1 } {-1 0 }