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It is a term used with reference to polygons. It means that all sides of the polygon are equal.

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Q: What does equilateral mean in maths?
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What does equilateral mean in maths tems?

equal sides

What does an equilateral mean?

equilateral means equal sides example equilateral triangle means triangle with all sides equal.

What does the word equilateral triangle mean in math?

Equilateral Means When All Of The Side Are Equal !

Maths triangle sum stumper all sides equal 57?

So it's an equilateral triangle, what's the stumper?

In maths what does inverse mean?

its mean the opposite

What does equilateral and equiangular mean?

Equilateral: the sides are the same size. Equiangular: the angles are the same size.

What does equilateral triangle mean?

An equilateral triangle is one in which all three sides are of the same length.

What dose equilateral mean?

Equilateral is just what it sounds like... equal. If you're talking about an equilateral triangle, then all 3 sides will be the same length.

What does it mean when all sides are equal?

It means that the figure is equilateral. Equilateral does not mean regular. For example, a rhombus has equal sides but it is not a regular quadrilateral.

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What symbol

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humairaa is the answer

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Related to.

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