What does g squared mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does g squared mean?
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What is the mean of 2g?

g is a measurement of acceleration namely 9.8 meters per second squared. When there is an acceleration of 2g then simply multiply 9.8 meters per second squared times 2 or 19.6 meters per second squared.

6x squared plus 2x squared equals?

We know that when you submit questions you aren't free to use the right format to make the mathematical terms crystal clear. It is likely that you mean "x squared times 6 plus x squared times 2", which is clearer. You can factor out the "x squared" and you will see that you get "x squared times 8". You COULD mean (6x) squared plus (2x) squared, which would be different. 6x times 6x would equal x squared times 36, so your answer will be much different.

What are the factors of the expression g squared minus 14 g plus 45?

It is: (g-5)(g-9)

How do you factorise 5g-g squared?

You take out the common factor, namely, "g".

How would you write 4 times the difference of f squared and g increased by the sum of f squared and 2 g as an expression?

4(f2 - g) + (f2 + 2g) which can be expanded and simplified to 5f2 - 2g

What is the unit that g is measured in?

The acceleration of gravity, g, is measured in units of acceleration, which is to say units of distance per time squared. For example, meters per second squared.

Pie squared plus pie squared divied by 2?

if you mean PI squared + PI squared / by 2 then that is.... 4.9298 solved on paper ... BUT if you mean what you said, the answer is YUMMY!

What does this mean n squared by 3?

n^3 mean a number Squared by 3

What is e x squared?

If you mean ex squared, the answer is e2x

What is the density of rhodium g per cm squared?

The density of rhodium is approximately 12.41 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³). So, the density of rhodium in grams per square centimeter would depend on the thickness of the rhodium sample. If you have the thickness of the sample, you can calculate the density in grams per square centimeter by multiplying the thickness (in cm) by the density (g/cm³).

What is a squared x a squared?

If you mean a2 x a2... the answer is a4

What is x2 plus 5x2?

Assuming you mean x squared plus 5x squared... the answer is 6x squared.