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Q: What does identify equation mean?
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How do you identify a slope given in a linear equation?

To identify the slope in a linear equation, rearrange the equation into the form y = mx + b. The term m is the slope.

Why is the solution to an equation not always the answer to a question?

identify the property and equation that satisfies the following statement: the solution of an equation is x=-2.

How do you identify radical equation restrictions?

get a microscope and look hard and long for the answer

What is the y-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola that is given by the equation below?

We will be able to identify the answer if we have the equation. We can only check on the coordinates from the given vertex.

What are the steps for the quadratic formula?

Put the quadratic equation into standard form; identify the coefficients (a, b, c), replace them in the equation, do the calculations.

How do you identify the y-intercept of a quadratic equation?

You replace x = 0, and do the calculations.

How do you identify the number of terms in an equation?

Carry out all the multiplications and divisions and then count them.

Explain how to identify whether an equation has no solution or infinitely many solutions?

An equation can be determine to have no solution or infinitely many solutions by using the square rule.

What do the numerals in the equation mean?

Numerals are what MAKE the equation.

What do the numerals mean in an equation?

Numerals are what MAKE the equation.

What does identify each figure mean?

Identify each shape

What is the quadratic equation used for?

It is used to solve quadratic equations that cannot be factored. Usually you would factor a quadratic equation, identify the critical values and solve, but when you cannot factor you utilize the quadratic equation.