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how how squared is two anin three MEANS like the not the third power but like theumi do not know how to explain itOKti's like you knd volume is three

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Q: What does in three mean with volume in math?
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Define volume math terms?

What does volume mean on newsletters? Volume 1, Issue 5. When does it become volume 2?

What does volume mean in math?

Volume is the amount of space an object or substance takes up.

What is the definition of volume in math terms?

Volume is the amount of three-dimensional space taken up by something.

What does liter mean in math?

a liter means a unit of volume

What does volume mean in terms of math?

A number? ^^

What are the SI units for measusring lengtth math and volume?

Length: meter Math: I guess you mean "mass". That would be the kilogram. Volume: cubic meter

What does volume in math mean?

Volume is finding how much space there is in the object like if you add all the spaces

What is composite for math mean?

Composite numbers have three or more factors.

How is the volume in math alike to the volume of music?

Volume in math means the amount of space an object occupies. Volume in music means amplitude, loudness, or sound pressure. Scroll down to related links and look at "How many decibels (dB) is twice (double, half) or three times as loud?".

What is volume capacity?

volume and capacity is math

What does cubic unit mean in math?

A cubic unit is essentially a three-dimensional unit used to describe volume, just like a square unit is a two-dimensional unit that describes area.

What does pricipal mean in math?

calculate the volume of a cylindrical drum 18 cm in diameter 56 in deep

What does volume mean when you use it in math?

the amount of space taken up by a 3 - dimensional shape such as a box or a room

What is the volume of a CD?

I have the same question it is for math in my school and i was wondering what? the volume was?

What is volume in math for kids?

volume is how much the object takes up

Math operation for volume of a block?


What does the number three mean in math?

It depends on what you mean. The number three in and of itself means one more than 2 and one less than 4.

What does tri mean in math terms?

In any terms it is a combining form meaning 'three'

The math formula to determine volume?

the volume to find volume is Length X Width X Height

What does quart mean in a math problem?

A quart is an out-of-date measure of volume (still used in the US) which is equivalent to a quarter of a gallon.

What is the math term for volume?

The answer to the volume term is the amount of square area in perimeter

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What is the volume of a cube thst is 6 inches long on an edge?

The volume of a cube that is 6 inches long on an edge is: 216 cubic inches.6x6x6=six to the power of three!???MATH!

What does it mean to find the volume of a three demensional figure?

How big wide and long it is..

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