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What does the maths word indices mean?

Indices is the plural of index. In mathematics, the index most commonly refers to the exponent or a degree of an nth root.

What does index mean in maths terms?

index is the same as power The index of a number say how many times you have to use the number in a multiplictaion. e.g; 2 10 = 10*10=100

What is index in maths?

It's the number power.

What is the standard index form of 450 in maths?

The correct answer is 4.5 × 102

What does index form mean in maths?

Index form in math means exponents. For example: 2x2x2x2x2x2 will be changed to 2 to the 6th power (2 with the little 6 on the top right.) Hope i helped.☺♥

What does the word indicies mean in maths?

Indices (not indicies) have two meanings: one is powers. In the expression x3, the 3 is an index. The second meaning is a counter. If you have five observations and they are labelled X1, X2, ... , X5 then the numbers in Xn is an index.

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What is the method of calculating mean in maths?

The mean is usually the arithmetic mean - there are other means in maths. For a set of numbers, the arithmetic mean is the sum of the numbers divided by the number of numbers.

What does the word less mean in maths?

it mean have to divide it i think

What is body mask index?

I think you mean Body Mass Index...?

What is the definition of mean in maths?

the definition of mean in maths is : adding up all the numbers in a sequence then dividing the total by the quantity of numbers in that sequence

What does s mean in maths 25 6 or 8?

what does s mean in maths example 5s+3=33 so what does the s equal

What does correspond mean in maths?

it means prepandicular to

What is product mean in maths?

It means multiplication

What does quadratic mean in maths?

In maths, something that is quadratic is squared. So a quadratic equation will have X squared in it.

What does quad mean in maths?

The word "quad" mean four (4).

What is grade A math?

Well... Grade "A" Maths could mean that you had used completely solid reasoning and a minimalistic approach to the proof that you were QEDing. Or when i last did a state exam in Maths it was my "A" Levels divided into "Pure Maths". and "Applied Maths".

Is maths a science-based subject?

Maths is a science. It's not the typical science people think of, but it is a science. Science is a maths-based subject. You need maths in science but you don't need 'science' in maths. Your question can be interpreted in different ways, but it really depends on what you mean by science or maths and the definition you use.

What does rotate mean in maths?

to turn by a set degreece

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