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Q: What does it mean to retain a hypothesis?
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When should you retain a null hypothesis?


Can you not reject null hypothesis?

you do not need to reject a null hypothesis. If you don not that means "we retain the null hypothesis." we retain the null hypothesis when the p-value is large but you have to compare the p-values with alpha levels of .01,.1, and .05 (most common alpha levels). If p-value is above alpha levels then we fail to reject the null hypothesis. retaining the null hypothesis means that we have evidence that something is going to occur (depending on the question)

What does it mean to RETAIN something?

To RETAIN something means to keep that something!

What is it mean when a hypothesis is accepted?

This means the data supported the hypothesis.

What do you mean when you reject a hypothesis on the basis of sample?

alternitive hypothesis

Explain null hypothesis versus alternative hypothesis?

The null hypothesis is that there is no change in the population mean while the alternative hypothesis is that there is a change in the mean. The null hypothesis is stated as Ho:Mu=? in statistics while the alternative hypothesis is stated as Ho:Mu(<,>,≠)? depending on whether you are looking for mu to be greater, less than, or not equal to population mean.

What does hypothesis mean science terms?

HYPOTHESIS: a hypothesis is what you think will happen. You should try starting it off with my hypothesis is... next it will.... then it will... finally it will...

What does it mean when a scientist fails to reject a hypothesis?

It means that the experiment is consistent with the hypothesis. It adds to the credibility of the hypothesis.

What does hypothesis mean in 5th grade science?

A hypothesis is an educated guess.

What does it mean when a scientist rejects a hypothesis?

It means that he or she does not find the hypothesis to be plausible.

Can you write a question using the word hypothesis?

"What does hypothesis mean?" "What is your hypothesis on the John F. Kennedy assassination?" "Can you come up with a hypothesis for how life is on Earth?"

In a two-way ANOVA you can test main hypothesis and one interactive hypothesis?

Not sure about an interactive hypothesis: are you sure you don't mean alternative hypothesis?