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The null hypothesis is that there is no change in the population mean while the alternative hypothesis is that there is a change in the mean. The null hypothesis is stated as Ho:Mu=? in statistics while the alternative hypothesis is stated as Ho:Mu(<,>,≠)? depending on whether you are looking for mu to be greater, less than, or not equal to population mean.

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Q: Explain null hypothesis versus alternative hypothesis?
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What is the difference between alternative hypothesis and null hypothesis?

In research, a null hypothesis means that no results will be found. An alternative hypothesis means that results will be found.

What causes hypothesis to be rejected?

We have two types of hypothesis i.e., Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis. we take null hypothesis as the same statement given in the problem. Alternative hypothesis is the statement that is complementary to null hypothesis. When our calculated value is less than the tabulated value, we accept null hypothesis otherwise we reject null hypothesis.

What is the major difference between the null and alternative hypothesis?

In research, a null hypothesis means that no results will be found. An alternative hypothesis means that results will be found.

If we reject the null hypothesis what can we conclude about the alpha risk?

If we reject the null hypothesis, we conclude that the alternative hypothesis which is the alpha risk is true. The null hypothesis is used in statistics.

What is an alternative hypothesis?

with the alternative hypothesis the reasearcher is predicting

What is Hypothesis H0 and H1?

H0 is the null hypothesis and h1 is the alternative hypothesis

Differences between null and alternative hypothesis?

The difference between the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis are on the sense of the tests. In statistical inference, the null hypothesis should be in a positive sense such in a sense, you are testing a hypothesis you are probably sure of. In other words, the null hypothesis must be the hypothesis you are almost sure of. Just an important note, that when you are doing a tests, you are testing if a certain event probably occurs at certain level of significance. The alternative hypothesis is the opposite one.

Does the Null hypothesis always include an equality?

Yes; the null hypothesis, H0, always includes an equality. The alternative hypothesis, H1, is &gt;, &lt;, or does not equal.

Explain what is meant by null hypothesis?

The null hypothesis is an hypothesis about some population parameter. The goal of hypothesis testing is to check the viability of the null hypothesis in the light of experimental data. Based on the data, the null hypothesis either will or will not be rejected as a viable possibility.

What is power function in statistics?

In statistics, we have to test the hypothesis i.e., null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. In testing, most of the time we reject the null hypothesis, then using this power function result, then tell what is the probability to reject null hypothesis...

What are the two types of hypothesis?

null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses

Is the critical region the values of the test statistics for which the null hypothesis will reject?

The null hypothesis will not reject - it is a hypothesis and is not capable of rejecting anything. The critical region consists of the values of the test statistic where YOU will reject the null hypothesis in favour of the expressed alternative hypothesis.