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Q: What does it mean when people have a permanent line across their nose?
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What does a black line across your toenail mean?

It means you have bruised it.

What is the line that goes around the globe with a parallel line?

Do you mean, like, the Earth? The equator. If you mean the line going from side to side across the middle of a circle then... the diameter of a circle

What if a red line is moving across your arm?

If there is a red line moving across your arm, it might mean you were bitten by something and it gave you an infection. The red line is your tendon swelling. See a doctor immediatley

What does undefined slope mean?

when it is a parallel line across the x and y axis

What does horizontal mean in the math?

What it means is horizontal line is like the horizon it goes across

What does a mirror view mean in math?

It refers to the reflection of an object across some line.

What does the math word bias mean?

an oblique or diagonal line of direction, esp. across a woven fabric.

What does Pink Elephant mean in handball?

A Pink Elephant is when the next person in line for Handball runs across the wall. If they get hit then they have to go to the back of the line.

What does a solid white line between an HOV lane and regular traffic lanes mean?

Changing lanes across that a solid white line in traffic is not permitted.

What is the British English word for line?

if you mean a line of people, it's a queue. If you mean the shortest distance between two points, it's a line.

What does 'theta' mean?

'Theta' is a zero-looking Greek letter with a line across. It is used in physics and many mathematic equasions.

What does a solid yellow line to the right of the centre line of the highway mean?

it means you can not pass people