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what that it mean please restrike your wage to nubre and decimals. and the number is ; :( 30,000) I dont know how to do it please?

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โˆ™ 2009-01-20 06:17:29
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Q: What does it mean when they say please restrict your wage to numbers and decimals?
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What do decimals mean in mathematics?

Real numbers

What is the definition of the mathematical term decimals?

When people say decimals, they generally mean numbers following(after) a decimal point, seen as the same symbol as a period (.)

In standard form what does the word and mean with decimals?

it means that u write it with the decimal in the middle of the numbers

What kinds of decimals are rational numbers?

terminating decimals and non-terminating repeating decimals are considered rational numbers.pi is an example of an irrational number. this is the ratio of the circumference of a circle over the diameterthe value of pi is is non terminating and non-repeating, therefore it is considered as an irrational nimbermakalagot jud kaayo kay dugay makuha ang answer. hahay. tawn pud. way klaro ani nga website oy. way gamit >:)

How do you do mean median and mode with decimals?

Mean- add all the numbers together and divide by how many there are just like you do with whole numbers. Median- put the decimals in order from smallest to largest then find the middle number just like you do with whole numbers. Mode- find which decimal is repeated the most like you do with whole numbers. So you pretty much do the same thing for all of these that you do with whole numbers Hope this helped =)

Is there a last natural number?

Numbers are infinite, as a matter of fact counting decimals there are a infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1. So depending on what you mean with natural numbers no, there is no natural last number.

Can the median be greater than the mean in a set of numbers?

No because the mean is the highest numeral and the median is the middle numeral of the set of numbers so it is tecnictly impossible, but if you are using decimals, the median could get pretty close to the mean, but never higher.

What does terminating decimal mean?

Some decimals repeat. Some decimals go on forever. Some decimals stop. Those are called terminating decimals.

How do you write a million pounds in numbers?

If you mean the American unit of weight, 1,000,000 lbs.(Note the commas.)If you mean the British unit of money, £1.000.000 (Note the decimals.)

What does equivalent decimals mean?

it means both the type of decimals have the same value

What is 77100 in decimals?

I think you mean 77/100. That would be .77 in decimals.

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