What does kilo hours mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does kilo hours mean?
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What does kilo-parsecs mean?

what kilo parsecs mean

How many hours in 13.5 kilo seconds?

3.75 hours.

What does prefix kilo-mean?

Kilo means 1,000.

What does kilo mean in kilometer and kilogram?

Kilo means kilograms.

Does kilo mean large?

No, Kilo means one thousand.

How many hours do you need to cycle to lose t kilo?

9.8 hours

What is the measurement of the usage of electricity?

Kilo watt hours

What does 21 kilo mean?

"21 kilo" means "twenty-one thousand"

What is the code word for the letter k?

Assuming you mean the international radio designation for the letter 'K' - it is Kilo.

How many hours is 1085 kilo?

A kilo is a unit of mass. An hour is a unit of time. The two units are therefore incompatible.

Conert 365 kilo watt hours to joules?

365 kilowatt-hours is 1,314,000,000 joules.

What does kilo mean in spanish?