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The range is the spread of data - the largest number minus the smallest.

The mean, mode and median are types of average. The mean is the sum of the numbers divided by the number of numbers (e.g. the mean of 1, 1, 3, 5 and 8) is 3.6). The mode is the number that appears most often (1 for the previous example). The median is the 'middle number'. To work it out, place the numbers in order from lowest to highest. If the number of numbers is odd, the median is the number in the middle (3 for the given example). If the number of numbers is even, the median is the mean of the two middle numbers (e.g. for 1, 1, 3 and 5, the middle numbers are 1 and 3 so the median is 2).

The mean and median often are similar but the mode is often greatly different to the two other averages.

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Q: What does mean mode range and mediam mean?
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What are the mean median range and mode of 5436?

median= 4&3 range=3 mode= no mode

The range mean mode?

No, it does not.

Which of the following is not an average mean median mode or range?


Find the mean,median,mode and range of the following values:17,7,11,13,2,12,7.?

What is the answer

How does 170 change the mean median mode and range?

Prior to the introduction of 170, the mean, median, mode and range did not exist since there were no numbers at all. Once 170 is introduced, it becomes the mean, median and mode. The range is zero.

Mode median mean range?

... and the question is?

What is themean median mode and range 191991518?

The mean, median and mode of a single number is the number itself. The range is 0.

What is the mean mode median and range of 1 2 3 3 1?

mean= 2, mode= 1 and 3, median= 3, and range= 2

What is the mean median mode range for 12107 1115?

The mean and the median of the two numbers, 12107 and 1115 are 6611.There is no mode. The range is 10992.

What does mode and range mean in a math problem?

range is the spread of the data mode is the most common value in the domain

Does variability include mean median mode and range?

No, it does not

What is th mean median mode and range of 67'68'64'69'92'66?

Mean: 71 Median: 67.5 Mode: None Range: 28

How do you determine how the outlier affects the mean median mode and range?

Calculate the mean, median, and range with the outlier, and then again without the outlier. Then find the difference. Mode will be unaffected by an outlier.

Mean median mode and range of 0 4 4 6 8 14?

median=6 mode=4 range=14

What is the mean median mode and range of 9 and 9 and 8?

Mean: 4.2 Median: 2 Mode: 1 Range: 8

Does range mean median mean or mode?

Range is finding the difference in the highest number and the lowest number in a set of numbers

What is variability in math terms?

range,mode ,mean and cluster

What does mode range and median mean?

modeishowmuch and rangeis howlong

Which is not an average mean mode range and median?

The range is not an average. Also, the mode is not a measure of central tendency - which an average is. A skew distribution is likely to have the mode at one end or the other and that mode would not be considered an average by any statistician.

What is the mode median mean and range of 65?

The mode, median, and range of a single data point such as 65 are all the data point itself, 65 in this instance.

What does the word mode and range mean in terms of maths?

In statistics the mode is the value that is observed most often. The range is the biggest observed value minus the smallest.

What is the mean median and mode and range of 3456 560 435 456?

The mean is 1226.75. The median is 508. There is no mode, as each number is different.

What is a set of 5 numbers with a mean of 10 mode of 6 median of 9 and range of 8?

There cannot be such a set.If the mean is 10, the mode is 6 and the median is 9, the range must be at least 8.5.If the mode is 6, the median is 9 and the range is 8, the mean must be less than 9.8.

What is the mean median mode range for 216 265 216 245 259?

The mean, median, mode and range for 216 265 216 245 259:Mean: 240.2Median: 245Mode: 216Range: 49

What is the mean mode median and range of 1 2 1 8 9?

Mean: 4.2 Median: 2 Mode: 1 Range: 8