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Q: What does negative two to the power of negative three equal?
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Related questions

What is two to the power of negative three?

Two to the power of -3 is 0.125

What does negative three minus two equal?


What does positive two plus negative three equal?

Negative one, since +2+(-3)

What is negative three to the power of negative two?

-(3^(-2)) = -0.111111111

Why can't you have a negative argument in a logarithm- Negative two to the third power equals negative eight so why can't the log of base negative two of negative 8 equal three?

some times dams have negitives effects I added the answer below to a link of a Yahoo answer; however, it IS possible to calculate the log of a negative number but you have to work in complex numbers.

How do you write 1 64 using negative exponents?

Such that 64 is equal to 26, or two to the power six, 1/64 is equal to 2-6, or two to the power minus six.

What two numbers equal negative three?

0 and -3, added together.

What is 5 times the power of negative three times two?


What is negative two divided by three to the third power multiply by three divided by four to the third power?

Do the homework yourself N00B

What is three and one third minus 6 equal?

negative 2 and two thirds

What is three to the power of two?

3^2 is equal to 9.

What is the prime factorization -384?

two to the seventh power times negative three

What does two x to the power of two plus five plus three equal?

It is 12

How do you evaluate the expression negative 3 over negative 3 with a power of 2?

-3/-3 is a double negative, and therefore equals a positive. Three thirds - the result - is equal to one. When you square (take to the power of two) the number one, you get one, because one times itself is one. If you were saying -3/(-32), however, your result will be different. -32 is another double negative, equalling a positive. Three times three is nine. therefore, your result for that is -3/9. When simplified, this turns into -1/3.

What does two to the power of three equal?

2 * 2 * 2=8

What is two to the third power times three minus one to the second power plus negative four to the second power?


What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

A positive plus a positive equals?

A positive plus a positive will equal a positive. However a negative minus a negative will not equal a negative. It will equal a positive.

What does two times negative two equal?

Negative four

Why does two negative numbers equal a positive?

They do not always. The sum of two negative numbers is negative.

Does a double negative number equal a positive number?

no it doesnt. two negative numbers equal a negative number. two postivie numbers equal a positive number. one negative and one positive number equal a negative number.

Does a double negative equal a positive?

two times a negative number does not equal 0.

When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

What does negative four plus negative two equal?

negative six

What is a negative number raised to the 3rd power?

It is the negative of the value of the number multiplied by itself two times (not three times - as most of us are incorrectly taught).