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It equals one part out of three equal parts.

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Q: What does one thirds equals?
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Related questions

One third plus what equals two thirds?

One third plus one third equals two thirds.

15 and one quarter divided by two thirds equals?

15 and one quarter divided by two thirds equals 227/8

Does one third and one fourth equals two thirds?


What is nine thirds as a decimal?

It cant be written as a decimal apart from 3.0 which is a whole number. The fraction is basically saying that there are 9 thirds which equals three. Three thirds equals one because three thirds equals a whole.

What is two thirds of one hundred equals to?


Is 20 equals to two thirds of 60?

No. 20 equals one third of 60. Two thirds of 60 would be 40.

Does two one thirds equal one half?

No it doesn't it equals two thirds which is greater than one half.

What is d minus three and two-thirds equals one and one-thirds?

It is an equation in the single variable, d.

Two-thirds minus one half equals?


What is four and two thirds divided by one and one-sixth equals what value?

In simplest terms, four and two thirds divided by one and one-sixth equals 4/1 or 4

Which one is bigger two thirds or five eighths?

two thirds equals 0.6 and the six goes on and on. five eighths equals to 0.625 so that means two thirds are bigger.

What is x-3 and two thirds equals 2 and two thirds?

x=6 and one third.

7 and one third subtracted by 2 and two thirds equals?


What does eight and one thirds equal?

eight and one thirds equals to 25/3 or 8.333

Two-thirds of what amount equals 6?

Two thirds of nine equals six.

What is two thirds plus one tenth equals?


What is one sixth plus two thirds?

it equals five sixth.

Two thirds times what equals one?

3 over two

Two thirds plus n equals one what is n?


Two thirds divided by what equals one third?


One third plus one third equals?

One third plus one third equals two thirds. Similarly, one cow plus one cow equals two cows, and one book plus one book equals two books. Have you learned anything today ?

Four thirds cups equals how many cups?

One and one third cups

2 3rd of a cup equals how many ounces?

Five and one-thirds.

One third plus two sixth equals?

That would be two thirds.

What does two thirds divided by one tenths equal?

This equals approximately 6.6666.