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The quotient means the division of a number. Example: 9 divided by 3= 3.

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Q: What does quotient means in mathematics?
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How do you do math quotient?

Quotient means Divide

What is the name of the result of division?

The answer to a division problem in mathematics is quotient. VBS

What is the symbol used for quotient?

To my knowledge, there is no symbol used for quotients in mathematics.

What does the word Quotient means?

A quotient is the answer to a division problem.

What is the answer called in a math division equation?

In mathematics the answer in a division equation is called the quotient.

What is a quoitent?

In mathematics, a "quotient" is the solution to a multiplication problem. For example, in the equation "3 times 4 equals 12" (3x4=12), the quotient is "12".

What do estimate each quotient then divide means?

What does estimate quotient and then ddivide

What is the quotient of 3.13133133313333?

A quotient is a binary operation. That means, you can calculate the quotient of two numbers. There cannot be a quotient of only one number.

What is the quotient of 2 and the difference of 5?

quotient means to divide, so the quotient of 2 is to divide by 2. difference means to subtract, so subtract by 5

In the Quotient rule why can the denominator never equal 0?

Division by zero is specifically forbidden in mathematics.

What is the quotient of 360 and 6?

Quotient just means to divide. So 360 divided by 6 is 60. So the quotient is 60.

What does the Q mean in IQ?

(Intelligence) Quotient

What is the quotient and dividend in 8 divided by 1 equals 8?

In mathematics, a quotient is the result of division. The quotient is the result 8 here, while the number being divided is called the dividend, in this case 8.

What means IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

What means by IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

How do you put rational number in a sentence?

In mathematics a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction.

How do you find the quotient?

The quotient is the result of dividing two numbers. So if you need to find the quotient of 20 and 5, you would divide 20 by 5. That means that your answer (4) would be the quotient.

What does quotient mean for math dividing in fractions?

In division, the quotient means the answer, the sum, difference, or product.

What is a dividend in mathematics give an example of an dividend?

A dividend in mathematics is the number being divided. For example, in 15/5 = 3, the 15 is the dividend, the 5 is the divisor, and the 3 is the quotient.

What is mathematics in Tagalog?

The word "mathematics" in English means "matematika" in Tagalog.

What is the meaning of mathematics investment?

That means that People invest time in to mathematics

What does Transforming Mathematics Instruction mean?

it means changing the mathematics information

What is the definition of quotient of powers?

That means that you divide them.

What word means the answer to a division problem?


What is the quotient of 6484 divided by 24?