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The flat side so the solid that lays flat without moving.

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Q: What does shapes of faces mean in solids?
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What are 5 solids?

You probably mean the Platonic Solids, they are the only five shapes constructed from the same faces.

What type of solids have two bases and lateral faces in the shapes of parallelograms?


What does solid shapes mean?

it means the shapes that has faces,vertices and edges

How many solids have 5 faces?

The only regular 3D shapes I can think of with 5 faces are the square-based pyramid and the triangular prism (which is shaped like a Toblerone bar).

What are platonic solids and what do they look like?

The five Platonic solids are regular polyhedra. They are convex shapes which are created from regular polygonal faces, such that the number of faces meeting at each face is the same.The five are:tetrahedron - 4 triangular faces;hexahedron (or cube - 6 square faces;octahedron - 8 triangular faces,dodecahedron - 12 pentagonal facesicosahedron - 20 triangular faces.To see their images, search Google for Platonic Solids.

What solids have no faces?

Spheres have no faces.

What two solids has the less face?

A sphere, ellipsoid or toroid are examples of shapes with only one face. You cannot get fewer faces than that!

What does polyhedra mean?

They are closed 3-dimensional shapes with polygonal faces.

Do two dimensional shapes have faces?

No, two dimensional shapes do not have faces

A geometric solid has 40 faces and 50 solids how many edges does What is the working out aswell?

A geometric solid has ... 50 solids! What does that mean?

Which ones have definite shapes?

Solids have definite shapes.

What shape has 6 faces and the lengths are not the same?

Shapes have sides. Do you mean, what shape has 6 sides or, what solid has 6 faces?