What does side squared equal?

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the area of a square

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Q: What does side squared equal?
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Explain how to do the Pythagorean theorem?

A^2 + B^2 = C^2 Side A squared plus Side B squared has to equal Side C squared

How do you work out phythagoras?

The Longest Side (Hypotenuse) Squared is equal to the adjacent side squared plus the opposite side squared, or in mathematical terms: a2= b2+ c2

What is the Pythagorean theorem and what is it used for?

The side lengths of a right triangle, squared, then added together, is equal to the hypotenuse squared.

What is the equation that represents the pythagorean theorem?

The Pythagorean theorem is represented as a2+b2=c2. The 2 means squared, so that the length of side a squared plus the length of side b squared equal the length of side c squared, the hypotenuse - the side opposite the right angle in a triangle.

Formula for finding length of the hypotenuse?

The side opposite the right triangle is the hypotenuse. The formula for finding the hypotenuse is A squared plus B squared equal C squared. C is the hypotenuse. If side A is 3 and side B is 4, the equation would read 9 plus 16 equal C squared, or 25 equals C squared. The square of 25 is 5, so the hypotenuse is 5.

What is sin squared equal to?

Sin squared is equal to 1 - cos squared.

Explain a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

The hypotenuse of a right angle triangle when squared is equal to the base squared plus the height squared and the formula is usually given as:- a2+b2 = c2 whereas a and b are the base and height respectively and c being the hypotenuse which is the largest side

What do the side lengths of a triangle need to be to be considered a right triangle?

'A' squared, plus 'B' squared, must equal 'C' squared, but only if the 'C' side is the hypotenuse (long side). A right (or left) triangle MUST have ONE 90-degree angle.

What does 3 squared equal to?

3 squared is equal to 9

Is it true that the measureof the hypotenuse squared is equal to the sum of the side measures squared?

Yes providing that it is a right angle triangle in accordance with Pythagoras' theorem

How are the side lengths of a 30ΒΊ60ΒΊ90ΒΊ triangle related?

It is a right angle triangle and the sum of its squared sides is equal to its squared hypotenuse in accordance with Pythagoras' theorem

What is the hypotanuse of a triangle?

It's the longest side. If a and b are the shorter sides, the square root of a squared plus b squared will equal the length of the hypotenuse

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