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Squared means:

So basically, say a number, for example 6, it would be 6x6.

Another example, a number like 3, 3 squared would be 3x3.

It means that A number times that number you just said.

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Q: What does squared mean in maths?
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In maths, something that is quadratic is squared. So a quadratic equation will have X squared in it.

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It means the radius squared.

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You write it as 1m2

Is 2 square centimeters the same as 2 centimeters squared in maths?

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In maths what is the no 3 with a small 2 beside it mean?

It means 3 squared. so 3 times 3. if it had a 3 exponent it would 3*3*3.

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n^3 mean a number Squared by 3

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What does the word cubed mean in maths?

It means-- something times something times something--or something raised to the third power. Squared is something times something--or something to the second power.

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If you mean ex squared, the answer is e2x

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