What does sum bonus mean?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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what is sum?

sum means like total of the #

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Q: What does sum bonus mean?
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What does Ego Sum Pastor Bonus mean?

I am the good shepherd

Is a Retainership Bonus or Joining Bonus part of CTC?

No, it is not a part of CTC because it is a one time money paid and not a recurring sum.

What is the sum of money called given to reward good service?

a tip A bonus

What is no claim bonus in health insurance?

When you do not claim on your health insurance during a particular year, the insurance company provides you with a no claim bonus. This increases your sum insured at the same premium or reduces your premium while maintaining the same sum insured - depending on the no-claim bonus feature offered by the chosen insurer. Sometimes, this bonus also comes as a discount on your premium at renewal.

What does Ego vita sum means in English?

ego vita sum means i am alive in english. ego means I. vita means alive. sum means am. Ego Bonus pectus!!!

What is the sum of the deviations from the mean?

The sum of standard deviations from the mean is the error.

What is does total annual bonus mean?

total annual bonus for the job position

You want to know about this term Cumulative Bonus. What is cumulative bonus with health insurance?

Cumulative Bonus means the amount by which your sum assured gets increased, if an insured does not raise any claim for a year. For these claim-free years, some insurers give this bonus. I have Apollo Munich plan that gives me 10% of cumulative bonus.

What does sum and difference mean?

sum mean to add and differene mean to subtrat

What is cumulative bonus in health insurance?

An increased in the sum assured by a percentage of every claim free year is called Cumulative Bonus in health insurance policy. It is important to renew the policy without a break to avail cumulative bonus benefits.

What is mean by exchange bonus in car?

it means the bonus given by the dealer at local festivals

What is the sum of the decimals what does sum mean in this sentence?

Sum is an answer to an addition problem.