What does summarising?

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The abstract summarises the main ideas in the paper, of ur work. Also to do dot points or main ideas of ur story...... which i would say is a good sum up for the meaning summarise:)))))))))))))))))) :P thank-yoo for lookin at my answer.!!!

The abstract summaizes the main idea.

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It turns shorter an article or document

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Q: What does summarising?
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What is a summarising comment?

a summarising comment is when you have to write a comment about the thing your doing!

What is box and whisker in math?

It is a simple graphic summarising statistical data.It is a simple graphic summarising statistical data.It is a simple graphic summarising statistical data.It is a simple graphic summarising statistical data.

What is summarising?

summarising is when you break down a whole story into 1 short paragraph and is easy to read and understand; make sure the unnecessary bit is not in the paragraph only the important bits.

What are the rules summarising planetary movements called?

Keplers Laws

What do you mean by accounting in brief?

it means classifing summarising in significant matters

What does the stem and leaves mean in math?

It is a statistical procedure for summarising discrete data.

What is summarising in counselling?

It is a brief overview of important points to allow for assessment of understanding.

What is a synopsis in the research?

A synopsis is a brief overview summarising what the research paper is all about.

What is accountancy?

Accountancy is the art of recording, classifying, summarising and analysing the financial transaction of a business.

What is the verb for summary?

The verb of summary is summarise (summarize in US English).Other verbs, depending on the tense, are summarises, summarising and summarised.Some example sentences are:"I will summarise it for you"."She summarises her theory"."We are summarising the notes"."The boss asked for a summarised report of the earnings".

What is the purpose of summarising?

The purpose of summarizing something like a paper or an essay is to put it in your own words in a brief paragraph.

Is summarising plagerizem?

Summarizing is not plagiarism. It is simply describing another's ideas. Plagiarism is copying without giving credit.

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