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Thirty thousand - 30,000

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Q: What does the number for thirty thousands look like?
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What does the number 31 look like in ordinal form?

The number 31 in ordinal form is 31st or thirty-first.

What does this number look like in standard form ten hundred thousand thirty three?


What does four million thirty look like?

Four million thirty looks like this: 4,000,030

What does thirty-eight thousandths look like?

It looks like 0.038

What does 338237 look like in word form?

three hundred and thirty-eight thousand, two hundred and thirty-seven

What does thirteen thousands look like in decimals?

thirteen thousands = 13,000.0 but thirteen thousandths = 0.013

Why is the number 4 spelled four and the number 40 spelled forty where did the you go?

The spelling of numbers is not as regular (or logical) as you might like. Where did the o in two go when you look at twenty? Where did the i in thirty come from? etc.

What does the number 4238000 look in words?

Four million, two hundred thirty-eight thousand.

How do the number 4238000 look in words?

Four million, two hundred thirty-eight thousand.

What does a diagram of a submarine look like?

The shape of the submarine has evolved a bit over time. Use the link below to look at a number of diagrams of submarines. There are thousands on the web, and this will connect you to a whole bunch of them.

What does 15 ten thousands look like?

15 ten thousands = 150,000 15 ten thousandths = 0.0015

How do you round 6172438 to the nearest ten thousand?

If you look at the number 6,172,438, the number in the ten thousands place would be 7. Look at the number in the place before that, which is the thousands place, which is a 2. Since 2 is lower than 5 you round down, so 6,172,438 rounded to the ten thousands place would be 6,172,000.