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Q: What does the r variable represent and what does the n variable represent in math?
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What does the random variable (r) for a binomial experiment of n trials represent?

It can represent anything you want it to. The conventional use is that it represents the number of successes.

How do you do combinations in math?


How do you solve For the variable R in PV equals nRT?

P V = n R TDivide each side by ( n T ):(P V) / (n T) = R

How can you figure out combinations in math?

If you have N things and want to find the number of combinations of R things at a time then the formula is [(Factorial N)] / [(Factorial R) x (Factorial {N-R})]

Solve each formaul for the indicated variable pv - nrt for v?

p v = n r t v = n r t / p

What GPA to be a director at Academy of Arts University?

Freshmen * Admission 1,775 enrolled, 2.60 average high school GPA * Average high school GPA 2.60 * Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 N/R, SAT math scores over 500 N/R, ACT scores over 18 N/R, SAT verbal scores over 600 N/R, SAT math scores over 600 N/R, ACT scores over 24 N/R, SAT verbal scores over 700 N/R, SAT math scores over 700 N/R, ACT scores over 30 N/R

What is an expression variable n math?

a letter it could be a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z anything

How do you create palindrome number in core java?

suppose n is a number i.e n=325 First we shall divide that number by 10 then store this number in a variable called quation i.e q=n/10 here q=32 . we take one variable say m and store the value of n in that variable i.e n=m And then we shall find remender of that number by dividing 10 i.e n=n%10 we get 5 then we will reverse that number i.e r=r*10+n and then we will repeate the same step if reverse of that number is same as the number entered then that number is called paindrom code: class palindrom { public static void main(String args[]) { int n,m,s,r; n=m; for(s=0;n>0;) { q=n/10; r=n*10; s=s*10+r; n=q; } if (m==r) { System.out.println("Palindrom"); } else { System.out.println(" not Palindrom"); } } } Wrriten By:-Rajkumar Gupta

How do solve simple interest rate math problems?

If an amount C is invested for n years with an interest rate of r%, then the amount of interest earned is C*n*r/100

What is pxrxn in math?

Assuming that x represents multiplication, it is p times r times n or prn.

What does Geometric Series represent?

A geometric series represents the partial sums of a geometric sequence. The nth term in a geometric series with first term a and common ratio r is:T(n) = a(1 - r^n)/(1 - r)

Prove that nCr plus nCr minus 1 equals n plus 1Cr?

nCr + nCr-1 = n!/[r!(n-r)!] + n!/[(r-1)!(n-r+1)!] = n!/[(r-1)!(n-r)!]*{1/r + 1/n-r+1} = n!/[(r-1)!(n-r)!]*{[(n-r+1) + r]/[r*(n-r+1)]} = n!/[(r-1)!(n-r)!]*{(n+1)/r*(n-r+1)]} = (n+1)!/[r!(n+1-r)!] = n+1Cr