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Suffix -gon means a figure having a specified kind or number of angles, like isogon. From the Greek -gnon meaning angle.

That is the only definition I know of.

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Q: What does the suffix gon mean not refuring to a shape?
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What does the suffix gon mean refuring to the shape?

its a shape that has 8 and more sides to it

Is a dodecahedron a 2D or 3D shape?

The suffix "hedron" implies 3D. The 2D suffix is "gon"

Is a octahedron a 2D or 3D shape?

The suffix "hedron" implies 3D. The 2D suffix is "gon"

What does the suffix-gon MEAN?

gon simply means bad bad diareah

What do you call a 45 sided shape?

A 45-sided shape is called a pentatetracontagon. But, actually, if you want to keep it simple, you can just append the suffix -gon to the end of a number (higher than 10 only), like 12-gon, or 56-gon, or 89-gon or 1,000,000,000-gon, et cetera.

What do you call an 80 sided shape?

Octacontogon is its real name. But, really, for any shape with a side number higher than ten, you can just append the suffix -gon to the number, i.e. 12-gon, 56-gon, et cetera.

Is a nonagon a 2d shape or a 3d shape?

A 2-d shape. The suffix -gon indicates a 2-d shape while -hedron indicates a 3-d shape.

What is a 77 sided shape?

A shape that has 77 sides is called a heptacontakaiheptagon. Naming polygons uses a combination of Greek prefixes and the suffix -gon.

How many sides in hex decagon?

16 sides a hexadecagon means hexa (6) and deca (10) and gon (shape (?)) The suffix "-gon" means an angle or vertex.

What do you call a 600 sided shape?

The general convention for polygons with large numbers of sides is to simply put the number of side followed by the suffix -gon. In this case, it would be a 600-gon.

What does the suffix -gon mean?

from Greek -gōnos '-angled.'A pentagon has five angles.Penta = fivegon = angle

23 sided shape?

A 23-sided shape is called a icosikaitrigon. Polygons are named and classified according to the number of its sides. The name is a combination of a Greek-derived prefix and the suffix -gon.