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Q: What does the term equal pay for equal work mean?
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Why should you pay equal pay for equal work?

If you assume that every human is equivalent ( same value ), you should pay the same for equal work. It does not mean you pay the same amount of money, but more that he can buy the same with his wage.

Are women entitled to equal pay for equal work?

Yes of course they are. Why wouldn't anyone be entitled to equal pay for equal work?

What was the doctrine of equal pay for substantially equal work?

Comparable worth

What right would be political right?

equal pay for work equal

Which act requires employers to provide equal pay for equal work?

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires employers to provide equal pay for equal work, prohibiting wage discrimination based on gender. The act ensures that men and women receive the same compensation for performing comparable job duties, skills, effort, and responsibility.

How did Equal Pay affect women workers?

You mean how is equal pay affecting women workers? Women in the work force haven't yet reached equal pay, but are slowly approaching that milestone. As for the question, how women workers are affected is quite obvious. More pay means more income, and equal pay means more incentive for women workers to be able to go out and find a job, because of rising incomes.

Women of Utopia?

Have all the same rights and responsibilities men do and get equal pay for equal work.

What reform did women want?

The right to vote and equal pay for equal work, among others.

What is the organization that sought equal pay for equal work by women?

National Organization for Women (NOW),

What has the author Janice DeGooyer written?

Janice DeGooyer has written: 'Women's work' -- subject(s): WagesxWomen, Sex discrimination in employment, Equal pay for equal work, Employment, Pay equity, Women

Is it illegal to work and draw short term disability pay?


What did women want in the 1970's?

they want freedom to work;equal pay