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Q: What does three tenth look like as a decimal?
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How do you write sixty-three hundred-thousandths in decimal form?

To write the number sixty three hundredth thousandth in the decimal format it would look like 0.00063. Each zero represents a place tenth, hundredth, thousandth, ten thousandth, then hundredth thousandth.

What would 4 and three tenths look like as a decimal?

4 and three tenths as a decimal = 4.3

What does three halves look like in decimal form?


What is the fraction three ninths look like in decimal form?

0.3333 . . .

What does the decimal three hundred seven thousandths look like?


What does nine and three fourths look like as a decimal?

It looks like very much like 9.75

What does seven and seven hundred three thousandths look like in fraction and decimal?

Decimal: 7.703 Fraction: 7703/1000

What does three and four hundredths look like with a decimal?

3.04 Pretty simple, really.

How do you write three and two tenths as a decimal?

it would look like this 2.3

How do you round 3.0032 to the nearest tenth?

nearest tenth is first place after the decimal. Look to the second place after the decimal; if it is less than 5 you keep the original first place after the decimal; if grater than 5, you round up by adding 1 to the irst place after the decimal; in your case since the second place after decimal is 0 then the nearest tenth is 3.0

What does three and eight fifteenths look like as a decimal?

If you mean 3 and 8/15 then as a decimal it is 3.5'3' recurring '3'

Five sixths is equal to what decimal?

The fraction five-sixths would be equal to the decimal zero point eight three three three. If written numerical it would look like this 5/16=0.8333.