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5 or 12

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Q: What does x equal when x squared minus 17x equals 60?
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Related questions

What is 6-y equals 17x?

6-y equals 17x = -11

Ten x squared minus 17 x equals 63?

actually,10x squared minus 17 equals 63 would come out to x equals the square root of work this out, you would first at 17 to both sides to get 10x squared alone.63 plus 17 equals 80. you now have 10x squared equals 80. then divide each side by ten to get x squared alone. 80 divided by 10 equals 8. now you have x squared equals eight. finally, to find x, you find the square root of each side. x squared's square root is x, and 8's square root is 2.82842712 but I'm assuming you only have to write out x=√8.but the other answer was a good try:)Improved Answer:-10x2-17x = 6310x2-17x-63 = 0When factored: (5x+9)(2x-7) = 0Therefore the roots of the quadratic equation are: x = -9/5 and x = 7/2

How would you solve the equation x squared equals 17x - 6?


How do you solve for c in equation 3x2 plus 17x plus c equals 0?

3x2 + 17x + c = 0, rearranging gives c = -3x2 - 17x

What is 17x plus 2y equals 23?

17x + 2y = 23 is the equation of a straight line with gradient -8.5 and intercept 11.5

Factorise 5x squared plus 17x plus 6?

(5x + 2)(x + 3)

What is the answer to 39 -17x equals 12?

39 - 17x = 12 Subtract 39 from both sides: -17x = -27 Divide both sides by -17: x = 27/17 = 1.5882...

How do you solve 6-18x equals 4-17x?


Given ef is the midsegment of isosceles trapezoid abcd bc equals 17x ef equals 22.5x plus 9 and ad equals 30x plus 12 find ad?

Given ef is the midsegment of isosceles trapezoid abcd bc equals 17x ef equals 22.5x plus 9 and ad equals 30x plus 12 find ad?

What is the answer to 3x to the 3rd power minus 10x equals 17x and how do you find it?

3x3 - 10x = 17x divide by x to both sides3x2 - 10 = 17 add 10 to both sides3x2 = 27 divide by 3 to both sidesx2 = 9x = ±√9x = ±3

What is 17x equals -204?


-2X 2 plus 17x-35 equals 0?

-2x^2 + 17x - 35 = 0 = (-2x + 7)(x - 5) x =7/2 or 5

How many solutions are there to the equation 17x - 8 equals 3x plus 16?


What is the slope of a line whose equation is 17x-12y equals -36?


Solve this equation Express fraction answers in lowest terms Check each solution Please show your work 3x minus 8 equals 7x plus 10 x equals?

3x-8=7x+10x 3x-8=17x -8 = 14x -4=7x -4/7

What is 17x equals 9?

Divide both sides by 17 to get x alone. 17x/17 is x, and 9/17 is approximately 0.529411764705882, or as a fraction, 9/17. therefore, x=9/17.

What is the factor of 6x - 17x 18?

I'm not sure this was notated correctly. As written, this is -11x plus or minus 18, which doesn't factor.

What is 17x-3?

17x-3 = 14

What is 12x-17x?

12x-17x = -5

What is the value of x in this problem 12x plus 18 equals 41-5x?

i got x = 1.35 12x+18=41-5x +5x 17x+18=41 -18 17x=23 /17 x=1.35

12-10x equals 7x plus 16 what is x?

-4 = 17x so x = -4/17

What is the slope of the line with equation 17x plus 23y equals 25?

-17/23 and the intercept is 25/23

What is the sovled equaton of 4x2-17x-15 equals 0 factored?

4x2-17x-15) = 0 (4x+3)(x-5) = 0 Therefore: x = -3/4 or x = 5

How many solution are in this equation 17x-8 equals 3x plus 16?

17x - 8 = 3x + 16 Add 8 to each side: 17x = 3x + 24 Subtract 3x from each side: 14x = 24 ie 7x = 12 so x = One and five-sevenths

How do you solve 10x squared 17x-11?

(5x - 11)(2x + 1) if the term in x is negative; (5x + 11)(2x - 1) if it's positive.