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set it equal to zero

x^2 - 17x + 6 = 0.

Solve with quadratic formula


about 16.63 or -.36

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Q: How would you solve the equation x squared equals 17x - 6?
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What would you do if the equation had x squared or x cubed in the polynomial equation?

It depends on what you wanted to do - graph it, solve it, factorise it, etc.

How would you solve 2x minus 5 squared?

if you want to "solve" this equation, you need an equals sign somehwere! For example, if the problem was 2x - 52=5 then you could solve. You add 52 (or 25) to both sides so the equation becomes 2x = 30. Then you divide both sides by 2 to get x=15

How would you solve x equals 2 to find the y intercept?

You would take 2 and replace it for x in your other equation and solve.

How do you solve a squared b squared equals 1024?

Please note that in general, if you have ONE equation with TWO or more variables, there is not a unique solution. You can assign an arbitrary value for "a", replace it, then calculate what would be the corresponding value of "b". Or, probably even better, you can solve for "b" in terms of "a". Then you can assign any value to "a", and calculate the corresponding value for "b". To actually solve for "b", first solve for b2 in the usual way, that is, manipulate the equation until b2 is on the left, everything else on the right. Then take the square root on each side.

How do i solve this equation . C-2 - 4 equals 3?

You would do it it by oppisites. 3+2+4=9 which equals C.

What number equals 3 squared?

do u mean solve 3 squared? if so it = 3x3x3 that's how u work it out so the answer would be 27. hope this helps :)

How would you solve 'x squared equals 25x'?

X (x - 25) So X = 0 Or X = +25

Solve for x 3 - x 7?


Which property of equality is used to solve the equation k - 21 equals -11?


Find the equation of x plus 3y equals 4?

This equation is unsolvable since there are two unknowns and only one equation. You would require a second equation in order to solve it.

How would you solve y squared equals 11y?

y*y = 11y Divide both sides by y: y = 11

How would use solve the system of equation x plus 3y equals 23 by using substitution?

You'd need another equation to sub in