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Q: What equation could represent the area of a square as a function of a side?
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Which equation could represent the area of a square as a function of a side?

A=S2... Where A = area, and S = length of one side.

Do all solutions to each equation represent the length of side of the square?

Of course not! The solution to some equations could represent the area under a curve, or the volume of some shape, or the rate of change in something.

What does a solid dot mean on a piecewise function represent?

It could represent a point whose coordinates do satisfy the requirements of the function.

What does the decimal number in the periodic represent?

In the equation of a periodic motion it could represent the amplitude, frequency or phase.

What is the meaning of q in algebra?

It could represent an unknown variable in an expression or an equation.

How do you compute the intercepts of a quadratic function?

Use the quadratic equation. If ax+bx+c=0 x=(-b±(b^2-4ac)^(1/2))/2a. You could also complete the square, factor,or graph the equation.

Does y0 represent y as a function of x?

y0(x) could represent a function of x but usually y(0) represents the function y that is evaluated at x = 0 and so is no longer a function of x but a constant.

In the equation 12 equals s - 4.5 the value of s could represent?


What does f(0) in physics?

In physics, f(0) typically represents the value of a function at a specific point, such as time t=0. This could be used to represent initial conditions or starting values in a physics equation or system.

What sentence could be written to represent the equation 4m -8?


When you are given a graph how can you come up with a rational function equation?

You cannot, necessarily. Given a graph of the tan function, you could not.

Which letter when drawn on the coordinate plane could represent a function?

The letter V represents a function when drawn on a coordinate plane.