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Air resistance, Gravity, Friction, The attachment of the pendulum to the support bar, Length of String, Initial Energy (if you just let it go it will go slower than if you swing it) and the Latitude. Amplitude only affects large swings (in small swing the amplitude is doesn't affect the swing time).

Mass of the pendulum does not affect the swing time.

A formula for predicting the swing of a pendulum: T=2(pi)SQRT(L/g)

T = time

pi = 3.14...

SQRT = square root

L = Length

g = gravity

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Q: What factors affect the swing of a pendulum?
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Does the height of release affect the swing of a pendulum?


How does the amplitude of a pendulum affect it's swing?

it doesn't

What variables affect the swing of a pendulum?

-- friction in the pivot -- air moving past the pendulum -- the effective length of the pendulum -- the local acceleration of gravity

Which swing more heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

A heavier pendulum will swing longer due to its greater inertia.

What changes can you make to affect the pendulum so that it can swing more or less swings in 15 seconds?

You can affect the pendulum to move down or up and it will be will might be 11 or 12 seconds because of the length and how you want the pendulum for it to move.

How is pendulum swing related to teaching approaches?

how is pendulum swing related to teaching process?

How does the length of a pendulum affect the number of swings in 30 seconds?

If it is a short pendulum, then the leg or whatever you call it has a smaller distance to cover, and therefore can swing faster than a longer pendulum.

What kind of pendulum is playground swing?

A simple pendulum.

What are the factor affecting on the simple pendulum?

The factors that affect a simple pendulum are; length; angular displacement; and mass of the bong.

How can you make a pendulum to swing faster?

If the pendulum was pushed with a large force or if it was heavier. It might swing faster.

What happens to acceleration of pendulum at its lowest point of its swing?

The acceleration of a pendulum is zero at the lowest point of its swing.

What can make the pendulum swing faster?

By shorten the string of the pendulum