What figures are quadrilateral?

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Any figure or shape that does not have four sides.

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Q: What figures are quadrilateral?
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Related questions

What figures has four sides?

square, quadrilateral

What is a general group of figures that have 4 sides?


What do a pentagon and a quadrilateral have in common?

They are both plane figures bounded by straight sides.

Why isint a traingle a quadrilateral?

It is not a quadrilateral because quadrilaterals are figures that have four sides (thus the use of quad meaning four). A triangle only has three

Is a square rhombus and parallelogram a quadrilateral?

yes they are all four sided figures classifying them as quadrilaterals

What has flat figures with four sides two of which are parallel?

A quadrilateral with two parallel sides is a trapezoid.

Group of polygons that contains squaresrectangles and 4 sided figures without equal sides?


What figure has 4 sides?

A Quadrilateral. Figures that have four equal sides are called squares. Whereas, other figures that have four unequal sides are called quadileterals

What are the 5 plane figures?

There are infinitely many plane figures, not just five! A circle, ellipse, A triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, and on and on. And then there are mixed figures such as a semicircle, a segment of an ellipse. Not forgetting plane figures that have "random" boundaries.

What is the inverse of all quadrilaterals are four-sided figures?

There exists at least one quadrilateral which is not 4-sided.

Are all quadrilaterals a closed figures?

Yes, you may think of "closed figure" as part of the definition of a quadrilateral.

What is a quadrilateral mean in maths?

It means four sides, and refers to plane figures bounded by four straight sides.

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