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Q: What is a general group of figures that have 4 sides?
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Group of polygons that contains squaresrectangles and 4 sided figures without equal sides?


What figure has 4 sides?

A Quadrilateral. Figures that have four equal sides are called squares. Whereas, other figures that have four unequal sides are called quadileterals

Alyssa draws two different plane figures. Her plane figures either have more than 4 sides or fewer than 4 vertices. Which plane figures does she draw?

polygon of more than 4 sides and a triangle.

What are the names of figures of more than 4 sides?


What has opposite sides not parallel that has 4 sides and 4 angles?

A general quadrilateral.

Do all plane figures that have 4 sides have a line of symmetry?


What closed 4- sided figure has 4 right angles and 4 pairs of congruent sides?

I assume you mean 4 congruent sides or 2 pairs of congruent sides.. (There are no 4-sided figures with 8 sides.) A square.

Can you draw more figures with 3 sides or with 4 sides?

three sided figures consist of only triangles, while a four sided figure consists of any quadrilateral, so you can draw more figures with 4 sideds than with 3

What figures always has a 4 congruent side?

A square is the only shape to have 4 congruent sides.

Are all figures with 4 congruent sides a square?

All figures with four congruent sides are rhombuses. All figures with four congruent angles are rectangles. Any shape that is both a rhombus and a rectangle is a square.

Does a trapezoid always have 4 congruent sides?

A trapezoid, in general, does not have congruent sides.

Tara draws two plane figures that have fewer than 4 sides and fewer than 4 vertices Which plane figures does she draw?

Two triangles.

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