What figures have perimeters?

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All polygons

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Q: What figures have perimeters?
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What do you know about the perimeters of similar figures?

The areas are different.

What is the relationship between perimeters and areas of similar figures?

Whatever the ratio of perimeters of the similar figures, the areas will be in the ratios squared. Examples: * if the figures have perimeters in a ratio of 1:2, their areas will have a ratio of 1²:2² = 1:4. * If the figures have perimeters in a ratio of 2:3, their areas will have a ratio of 2²:3² = 4:9.

How are the perimeters of two similar figures related?

they are related when you can multiply or divide them together and get a whole number

Is it true that the greater the perimeter the greater the area?

No, in general that is not true. For two similar figures it is true. But you can easily design two different figures that have the same perimeters and different areas, or the same area and different perimeters. For example, two rectangles with a different length-to-width ratio.

What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the perimeters?

if you add up all the sides but in a smart way

How do changes in dimensions of similar geometric figures affect the perimeters and areas of the figure?

First you have to go on stop being a fat kid

What is the length in meters in 982.445squared?

If you mean the perimeter or circumference, it depends: different figures may have different perimeters or circumferences, even if they have the same area.

What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the given measurement perimeters?

Perimeter will scale by the same factor. Area of the new figure, however is the original figures area multiplied by the scale factor squared. .

If the ratio of the side lengths of two similar polygons is 31 what is the ratio of the perimeters?

Their perimeters are in the same ratio.

How do scale factor and ratio of perimeters compare?

The sacle factor between two shapes is the same as the ratio of their perimeters.

What is the area of 18 perimeters?

"18 perimeters" is is a meaningless phrase since there are no units of measurement. It is like asking how tall are 18 heights?

Why would two shapes have equal areas and perimeters?

There is no particular reason. In fact, in general, two shapes will have different areas or perimeters or both.

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