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they are related when you can multiply or divide them together

and get a whole number

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Q: How are the perimeters of two similar figures related?
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What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the perimeters?

if you add up all the sides but in a smart way

Is it true that the greater the perimeter the greater the area?

No, in general that is not true. For two similar figures it is true. But you can easily design two different figures that have the same perimeters and different areas, or the same area and different perimeters. For example, two rectangles with a different length-to-width ratio.

How are corresponding side lengths two similar figures related?

Corresponding sides of similar figures are proportional.

If the ratio of the side lengths of two similar polygons is 31 what is the ratio of the perimeters?

Their perimeters are in the same ratio.

How are corresponding angles of two similar figures related?

They have the same measure.

How are the areas of two similar figures related?

When the can be added or subtracted evenly

What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the given measurement perimeters?

Perimeter will scale by the same factor. Area of the new figure, however is the original figures area multiplied by the scale factor squared. .

What is the similarity ratio of the perimeters of 25ft and 20ft?

The ratio of 25-ft to 20-ft is 5/4 or 1.25 .But ... knowing the perimeters alone is not enough informationto guarantee that the two figures are similar.-- They could be two rectangles, one measuring 25-ft by 1-ft, the other measuring 4-ft by 5-ft.Those are not similar rectangles.-- They could even be one rectangle and one triangle ... definitely not similar.

If the ratio of the measures of corresponding sides of two similar triangles is 49 then the ratio of their perimeters is?


If two similar kites have perimeters of 21 and 28 what is the ratio of the measure of two corresponding sides?

The perimeters of two similar polygons have the same ratio as the measure of any pair of corresponding sides. So the ratio of the measure of two corresponding sides of two similar kites with perimeter 21 and 28 respectively, is 21/28 equivalent to 3/4.

Can two figures be congruent but not similar?

no because if they are conmgruent then they are similar

What are features that make two planar figures similar?

If all angles of two polygons are the same the figures are similar (irrespective of rotation).

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