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There is no possible answer.

For any given fraction, half that fraction is another fraction and it will be closer to 0. And then half of that will be closer still, and then half of that ... . Hope you get the idea.

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2021-01-20 23:38:15

That just made it more CONFUSING than before

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How can you decide if a given fraction is closest to 0 or 1?

if its .5 or above its 1 if its .4 or below its 0

Which fraction is closest to 60?

By which fraction is closest to "60," I assume you mean which fraction is closest to 60 %. The answer would be 3/5ths.

How do you know fraction is closest to 0?

Put them in the freezer and wait until frost forms on one of them. That will be the one closest to 0º C.

What fraction is closest to zero?

Fractions are infinitely dense and this means that between any two fractions there an infinite number of fractions. If any fraction, f, laid claims to being the nearest, there would be infinitely many fractions between 0 and f and so infinitely many fractions which were closer to 0. This means that f could not be the closest. The argument can be used again and again and so there cannot be a fraction closest to 0.

What fraction is closer and closest to 0?

-- Before I can name one that's closer, you have to give me a fraction, so I know what fraction mine has to be closer than. -- There's no such thing as "closest", unless you're looking at a list of permitted choices that you're not sharing.

What is the closet fraction to 3 - 4?


What fraction is closest to 1.39?

1.39 as a fraction = 139/100

What fraction is closest to 0 on number line?

Rational numbers are infinitely dense and so there is no such number. If for example, you considered F1 to be the fraction that was closet to 0 then what about half that number? F2 = (F1)/2 is closer to 0. And then what about F3 = (F2)/2? This could go on for ever.

What fraction of a million is 376 401 closest?

The closest is 376401/1000000.

What is 0 percent as a fraction?

0% as a fraction = 0/1

What fraction is closest to 0 on the number line?

1/infinity is the smallest fraction possible, but what number line the question is referring to is not specified so that's the only thing that can be stated here.

What is 0 and 10 as a fraction?

As a fraction, we can express 'em as: 0 = 0/2 = 0/3, which is the trivial fraction 10 = 10/1, which is the improper fraction.

What is 0 percent as a decimal and fraction?

Decimal:0 Fraction:0

What fraction is closest to 0.0787?

787/10000. Not only is it closest, it is exactly the same.

What common fraction is 325 closest too?

It is closest to (equal to) 325/1.

What is a fraction with a numerator of 0 called?

If the numerator is 0, the fraction equals 0.

Is 0 a fraction?

Of course 0 is not a fraction, when it is over 0 it is a whole number.

What fraction is closest to 5?


What fraction is closest to 5.375?


What fraction is closest to 0.0032677165354331?

There are no "closest" fraction because rational numbers are infinitely dense. If for example, you thought that f1 was the closest fraction, then f2 = 0.5*(f1 + 0.0032677165354331) would be closer. And then f3 = 0.5*(f2 + 0.0032677165354331) would be closer still, and so on.

What fraction times another fraction equals 0?

0 times ANYTHING is 0!

What is 3 equivalent fraction for 0?

3 equivalent fraction for 0 = 0/1, 0/2, 0/3,...

The fraction is closest to 30 percent is?


What is the closest fraction to Pi?

22 over 7

What benchmark fraction is closest to 23 percent?

¼ = 25%