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150 ft*208 ft = 0.716 acres approx.

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Q: What fraction of an acre is 150 x 208 feet?
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What fraction of an acre is 60 feet by 100 feet?

An acre is 208 feet by 208 feet, or 43,264 square feet. 60 feet by 100 feet is 6,000 square feet. 6,000 / 43,264 = 0.1387 of an acre. Approximately 1/7 of an acre.

What fraction of an acre is 60 feet by 208 feet?

It is approx 2/7 acres.

.645 acre how big is this?

About 134 x 208 feet.

What are the deminsions of an acre?

An acre is defined as any area that is 43,560 square feet, and therefore doesn't have any set dimensions as it can be in the shape of a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. However, the dimensions of an acre that is a perfect square is about 208. 71 feet by 208. 71 feet.

What is the border run of 1 square acre in feet?

1 sq. acre = 208 Lin. ft. x 208 Lin. ft. Total = 832 Lin ft.

How many Acres in 200 feet x 200 feet?

an acre is approx 208 x 208, so 200 x 200 is about 92% of one. 0.91827365, to be precise.

How big is an acre If it were a perfect square in size what would ONE side of the acre measure in length?

An acre is defined as 43,560 square feet; the sides of a square having that area would be the square root of that number, or about 208 feet 9 inches.

If an acre of land is square what would be the outside dimension?

1 Acre = 43560 ft2 A square that is 208 feet 8½ inches (63.615 meters) on a side is just a little smaller than an acre.

How many square feet are in 208 feet x 208 feet?

It is: 208 times 208 = 43,264 square feet

How many feet are there in the circumf ernce of a 100 acre lake?

and acre is 208' X 208' = about 43,500 sq ft 10 X10 acres = 100 acres. 10 Acres across would be 2080 feet, with each side the same, 2080 X 4 = 8320 ft = circumference

What was the width of the Twin Towers?

The width of the Twin Towers were 208 feet square. They were also about 1362 feet tall. Each floor was about one square acre.

What x what equals 1 acre?

There are 43,560 square feet in an acre. This would be a square 208 feet and 8.5 inches on each side. Going in the opposite direction, there are about 640 acres in a square with sides one mile long.

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